Paradise Valley, Menomonie, WI

Image from the Chippewa Valley Museum Collection

1961 – A ‘landmark’ is established

The Devil’s Punchbowl is created by deed when the Town of Menomonie took title, then deeded over to Dunn County, who performed a certified survey (CSM 838) which is now how these lands are legally described.

1990 – Property conveyed to UW-Stout

Dunn County conveys the property to the UW-Stout Foundation.

1998 – Property gifted to Landmark

The UW-Stout Foundation gifts the property to Landmark Conservancy (then Wisconsin Farmland Conservancy).

2000 – First wooden stairway built

The Wisconsin Conservation Corps builds the first lower stairway that brings visitors into the bowl (replacing a cement pathway).

2001 – Rock wall erected

The rock wall near the parking area is erected utilizing local rock from the Dunnville Quarry.  In 2003 the wall is vandalized and in 2004 the stone wall is re-built using Dunnville Quarry rock, this time salvaged from an old barn foundation.

2008 - Native prairie planted

Prep work for the prairie planting included sumac and tree removal with help from area middle and high school students. Some of the native species planted were big bluestem, yellow coneflower, wild bergamot and stiff goldenrod, among others.

2015 – Upper stairway constructed

The upper stairway is constructed with the support of local partners (replacing a cement pathway).

2017 – Punchbowl fairy tale is published

UW-Stout professor, Erik Evensen, illustrates a short story about the Devil’s Punchbowl originally written in 1913 by Menomonie High School student, Isabelle Waterman. The story was published by the Dunn County Historical Society and is available for purchase through the Rassbach Heritage Museum.

2021 – Community-wide fundraising

Fundraising for infrastructure and endowment needs will support the construction of a safer stairway into the bowl. A new welcome sign and brochure will be available to visitors.

2022 – Lower stairway complete

After being closed for construction from April to August of 2022, the Devil’s Punchbowl reopens for visitors to enjoy the site.

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