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Big Ravine North (East Rim Trail):

The public can access the trail’s north end where it meets Meyers-Olson Rd., in the Town of Bayfield, approximately 1/3 mile east of the intersection with Betzold Rd. There is a parking area and kiosk at the trailhead.

Currently there is no public access to the south end of the trail due to private property. Plans are underway to develop a trail connection from the Gil Larsen Trail in the Ravine’s bottom to the south end of this East Side Trail.

Big Ravine South (West Trail):

There are two primary public points of access to this trail network.

1. Follow 4th St. north to the end; turn left on Sweeny Ave. to the baseball field behind the Bayfield School.

2. By the soccer field at the end of Dump Rd. To access from the City of Bayfield, travel west/uphill on Washington Ave.; approximately .2 miles past 10th St., turn right onto Dump Rd. and follow to the end.


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