Featured Uses:

Hunting, Birdwatching, Hiking


Location/Access Directions:

Visitors can reach access points to the preserve off of City Limits Road, west off of County Highway E in the Town of Parkland, Douglas County. There are 2 unimproved parking pullouts on the side of City Limits Rd.

One is on the south side of the road at the eastern edge of the property adjacent to a brushy opening. There are no improved trails beyond this point. Visitors may explore the property on foot, much of it vegetated with shrub-carr wetlands, tamarack and older stands of aspen.

The other is an unimproved parking pullout at the west end of City Limits Road along the north shoulder of the road. There are no improved trails beyond this point. Visitors may explore the property on foot, entering the property from the north side of City Limits Road. Bluff Creek is located west of this access. Visitors will need to walk down the terrace hill to the creek. The creek meanders and floods often. There is no bridge to access the property on the west side of Bluff Creek. The variation in topography and soils provides habitat for disjunct species of plants that are normally found further south in the state.

Note that there is an “inholding” of private land on the south side of City Limits Road this access point. Please make sure you are aware of the Bluff Creek Nature Preserve boundaries as you explore.


Site Detail Map:

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