Brownstone Blue Wing Bay Route Map
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Did you know that most of the Brownstone Trail is privately owned, and public access has been granted via trail easements held by either Landmark Conservancy or the Town of Bayfield? This trail exists because of community collaboration, and we need your help spreading the word about using the correct route near Blue Wing Bay Road! Community members have been expressing concern and confusion regarding this section.

Access has NOT been granted along the old railroad grade which is owned by private landowners in this location. Please respect their privacy and do not trespass through these lots. The legal Brownstone Trail that is open to the public is located to the west of this. Keep your eyes peeled for signage directing you where to go and do not cross private land where access hasn’t been granted. Additional signage will be placed at this location in the future.

Improvements were made to this section of the Brownstone Trail last year and you can read about that here. Landmark will continue to work with its partners to enhance this section. Thanks to everyone for following the legal trail and setting a good example for others!