Tue, 10 Mar 2020 19:07:45 GMT

​Traveling from the City of Bayfield to Port Superior, the Brownstone Trail is a popular trail among Bayfield residents and visitors. Landmark Conservancy helped establish the trail in 1996 in cooperation with private landowners who own sections of the trail. Landmark has enjoyed working with local community members for many years to maintain the trail and the natural habitat along the lakeshore.

Many people are aware that a small section of the Brownstone Trail has been closed for over a year. A large landslide has been active since 2017, and the trail has slumped away. The site remains very unstable and was closed to protect public safety and to minimize further human-caused erosion. A reroute has been established along Highway 13 and Lakeshore Drive.

Landmark is working with a coastal engineering firm to understand the natural and man-made causes of the erosion, and to determine what can be done. It is a complex site, and anything that is done will require cooperation of the adjacent landowners, permits, funding, and consideration of future storms and conditions. Landmark is grateful to Wisconsin Coastal Management, Town of Bayfield and Bayfield Chamber and Visitors Bureau for supporting the engineering study. We will have final recommendations from the engineering study by June 30 or sooner.

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“Landmark is exploring solutions and committed to engaging community partners as part of that process. Because the Brownstone Trail is a community asset and funding for any restoration of the site will need to come from community donations and grants, Landmark staff and board will be engaging the community in the decision-making process. We anticipate holding a community meeting in early summer.”

— Executive Director Lindsey Ketchel

In the meantime, please contact us if you have any questions by calling 715-235-8850 or emailing Erika Lang in the Bayfield office.