Featured Uses:

Birdwatching, Hiking

Partial Trail Closure:

A section of the Brownstone Trail remains closed and a reroute has been established. We are actively exploring short-term and long-term solutions with participation and support from the community. Read the Latest Update.

Please, for your safety and to prevent further damage to the sensitive hillside, DO NOT enter the closed portion of the trail.

Detour Directions: Detour Map

The trail is closed between Seagull Bay Motel and Lakeshore Drive. Coming from the City of Bayfield, once you get to Seagull Bay motel, you will need to walk up the hill to Highway 13 and then turn left. You will travel alongside the shoulder until you get to Lakeshore Drive. Turn left on Lakeshore Drive and go down the hill until you meet the trail again. There is no additional access point along the reroute.

There is no parking at the other end of the trail. Chequamegon Road is a privately-owned road. There is also no parking at Wild Rice Retreat unless you are a guest there. Parking along Lakeshore Drive is tight and discouraged.

Location/Access Directions:

County: Bayfield

The trail begins near south 3rd Street and Wilson Ave. in Bayfield.

Site Detail Map:

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