A long-standing partnership between Landmark Conservancy and the Chippewa Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever has led to the recent transfer of ownership of the 186-acre McCann Creek Conservation Area in Chippewa County.

The Chippewa Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever purchased this property in March 2022 as part of Pheasant Forever’s Build a Wildlife Area program. This program promotes habitat protection and public access by acquiring critical wildlife habitat and opening it to the public for recreation. McCann Creek Conservation Area was purchased with the support of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WI DNR), North American Wetland Conservation Act, and the Chippewa County Stewardship Fund, among other local and national partners. Landmark Conservancy has protected over 4,000 acres in Chippewa County and is uniquely positioned to own and manage McCann Creek Conservation Area with management support from the Chippewa Valley Chapter.   

McCann Creek Aerial

“Landmark is excited to play a role in the management and stewardship of this property,” said Executive Director Rick Remington. We rarely have the opportunity to step into the ownership of a turnkey nature preserve.  The Chippewa Valley Chapter and its many partners acquired a real gem, and we’re looking forward to collaboratively managing its grassland and wetland resources for fish, wildlife, and the public who values them. Acquiring and sorting out the ownership is just the beginning, and this partnership is just warming up.” 

The collaboration between Pheasants Forever and Landmark Conservancy is deeply rooted in community conservation values of public access and habitat improvement. McCann Creek Conservation Area exemplifies both organization’s values by providing public access for hunting, fishing, hiking, and birding.  A number of habitat projects have already been executed by the previous owners in order to improve the property for pheasants, turkey, waterfowl, deer, and non-game wildlife species, creating excellent opportunities for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.  

The property is named for the Class I trout stream that flows through the emergent wetlands, riparian forest, and shrubland on the landscape. The stream and its associated habitat are safeguarded by a network of protected properties, including WI DNR’s McCann Creek Fishery Area and a Landmark Conservancy Conservation Easement. These concentrated conservation efforts amount to 860 acres along McCann Creek being preserved.  

McCann Creek Map
Butterfly on Prairie Flower at McCann Creek

Having protected tracts of publicly accessible land near one another creates more significant habitat, and better opportunities for outdoor recreation. If you’re looking to get outside at McCann Creek Conservation Area, watch for a feature page on Landmark’s Get Outside page, coming soon! Landmark is eager to continue the partnership with Pheasants Forever to ensure McCann Creek Conservation Area continues to provide a space for outdoor recreation and wildlife habitat in the Chippewa Valley.  

All photos courtesy of David Roll of FigaRo Productions.