Landmark Legacy Circle

Grounded in conservation for generations to come.

Your planned gift today can support the land you love for generations to come and help guarantee that Northwest Wisconsin remains a unique refuge for all the species who call it their home. Contact to schedule an appointment. 


Establishing a legacy for the conservation of Northwest Wisconsin’s natural resources in your will or revocable trust takes just a simple provision. A set dollar amount, a percentage, a specific asset, or a residual of the estate are all ways to direct a gift to Landmark Conservancy.

Click here for sample bequest language.

Beneficiary of Retirement / Financial Account

One of the most simple, flexible, and inexpensive ways you can help conserve Northwest Wisconsin’s natural resources for generations to come is by designating Landmark Conservancy as a beneficiary of your retirement or financial accounts.

Eligible Accounts Include:

• Retirement, IRA, 401(k) or 403(b) accounts

• Brokerage accounts

• CDs

• Money market, savings, checking accounts

To name Landmark Conservancy to receive a portion or all of your unused or remaining assets, simply list Landmark Conservancy, Tax ID: 39-1872550, ______ %.

Life Insurance

There are two ways to make a gift of life insurance to Landmark Conservancy:

1. Name Landmark Conservancy as a full or partial beneficiary of a policy.

2. Gift a fully paid up life insurance policy outright to Landmark Conservancy.

Landmark Conservancy reserves the option to hold or surrender the policy to receive the current cash value. This type of gift may come with eligible tax savings.

Supporters at Siskiwit Celebration

Legacy Circle Benefits

• Recognition in a listing of fellow Legacy Circle members in Landmark Conservancy’s Impact Report and occasional donor communications.

• Periodic communication from Board and Staff leadership regarding projects, news, and special events.

• A personal invitation to participate in Landmark Conservancy’s annual meeting.

• An invitation to attend an annual gathering of Legacy Circle members and special guests.

“I dreamed of a wilderness property to protect and retreat to since I was in college. Finding a place this magical was literally a dream come true, but I knew my stewardship of it represented only a blink of an eye. Donating it to the Conservancy was part of my plan from the beginning, a decision that puts the land in trusted hands far beyond my lifetime.”

Marjean Hoeft

Landmark Legacy Circle member