For many years, Landmark Conservancy has offered a summer internship for college students in the Bayfield area who are interested in getting outside and being part of conservation in action.  

This position helps expand Landmark’s capacity during a busy field season while also providing hands-on experience to the next generation of conservationists. A typical day might include a workday at Tyler Forks Community Forest, installing updated signage along the Brownstone Trail, monitoring a conservation easement, or leading a hike!

Read on to learn more about what our past Stewardship Intern, Adrian Bethel, had to say about his experience!  

Adrian Bethel 2020 Intern

I was a student at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin studying Natural Resources with an emphasis in Forestry when I interned with Landmark during the summer and fall of 2020.  

I enjoyed the variety of tasks that I was given from driving down to Tyler Forks Community Forest to map out trail routes, to checking white pine sapling survival, and controlling invasive species in Lincoln Community Forest. Getting to maintain and improve these protected areas while being surrounded by a full staff of people who are passionate about the work that Landmark represents was an incredible experience.  

When asked to reflect about my favorite memory as an intern, I have too many good memories to point to just one. However, I would say all the work that I assisted with at Tyler Forks Community Forest felt the most impactful. Having the opportunity to scout and map potential trails, paint the cabin located on the property, and work with Northland College volunteers to build trails was incredible. I can return to that property and still see that I had some positive impact on the care and stewardship of the land.  

I learned a lot of new skills using different tools from chainsaws to herbicide sprayers, but I would say the skill of communicating with people of all different conservation backgrounds was the best skill I developed during my internship. The opportunity to work with the staff at Landmark gave me a new perspective on the role that nonprofit organizations play in the grand scheme of conservation work. I grew a greater understanding of the way organizations worked together in conservation which impacted the way I navigated my path as to where I wanted to see myself working in the conservation realm.

If you’re thinking of applying to be an intern with Landmark, only apply if you want to have a positive impact in conservation, learn new skills, and be surrounded by people that are passionate about the work they do. If that sounds like a good fit to you, throw your hat in the ring!

Adrian Bethel

Landmark Conservancy Stewardship Intern 2020

View some of the Winter Plant Identification videos Adrian made during his internship at Landmark Conservancy!

Landmark’s internship program is possible through the generous support of Peter Tropman and Virginia Graves (Black Spruce Fund).