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Restoration updates from Coulee River Trails and fundraising updates from Landmark Conservancy. Learn about both at the upcoming Community Trails Conversation on Tuesday, November 7th from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM at Freedom Park, 200 Monroe St., Prescott, WI 54021. Click here to find more information about the event on Facebook. 

Protecting the Pine Coulee

As you may have heard, the Joint Finance Committee approved funding from the State of Wisconsin in the form of a Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Grant to help purchase a 76-acre parcel of land called “Pine Coulee” (April 2023). Permanent conservation of this property will be possible pending successful fundraising. Landmark Conservancy is leading the effort to raise funds for purchasing Pine Coulee and to guarantee its preservation for future generations. Goals are to make the property available to the community, protect the ecological resources, and continue to develop planned trail connections to the overall Coulee River Trails system.

Pine Coulee Fall Facing Out

Progress from Coulee River Trails this Season

It’s been a busy work season for Coulee River Trails partners and volunteers. In April, City of Prescott personnel began making the corridor for the green trail at Magee Park. They also graded soil, mulched buckthorn, and cleared the area in order to construct the trail.

Work started in May on Prescott’s first mountain bike skills course, with a group of Coulee River Trails volunteers. DZ Trucking, LLC and DZ Repair LLC donated soil for the course. The City of Prescott brought in heavy equipment to clear and grade the area. The volunteer crew braved the rain to shape dirt, haul rocks and drag brush to begin creating the new MTB skills course at Magee Park.

The City of Prescott returned to Magee Park in mid-September to move and shape soil in preparation for skills course feature building.

Wheel Barrow at Magee Park
Kids Biking at Magee Park

“We would not have been able to make the progress we have on the bike skills course at Magee Park without the help of our city crew under the direction of Mike Kinneman,” said Coulee River Trails’ volunteer Ed Lucas. “Mike and his crew have put in countless hours constructing the main layout of the project so we could continue building the course. We can’t thank the city enough for their support on this new community asset.”

In October, goats reappeared at Magee Park to clear buckthorn. Volunteers also gathered to clear a trail corridor and add features to the mountain bike skills course. It was a little muddy, but well worth the effort. The neighborhood kids showed up to try out the new features even before the work was finished.

Everyone is encouraged to visit Magee Park to check out the progress. Take a walk on the newly cleared trails or bring a mountain bike and try out the new features at the skills park.

Coulee River Trails is a non-profit community group committed to developing and maintaining a regional trail system in the Prescott area. Learn more about their work here: