Good afternoon, conservation easement monitors!

It’s May 15th, and that means Landmark Conservancy’s monitoring season is finally here! 

This year, you’re part of a team of 25 hardy volunteers who will be monitoring 76 properties across northwest Wisconsin. You may be traversing through large tracts of unbroken forest, trekking past vast bogs and wetlands, or climbing high bluff prairies – but no matter where you’ll be, you’re guaranteed to witness some of the most beautiful places in Wisconsin, and you’ll know that the land is protected, forever. 

I’m available as your resource if you have any questions about monitoring, so please let me know if I can help in any way. Videos and other training resources are also available to you anytime at the Volunteer Monitoring webpage here

Be safe, be well, and have fun exploring!


Katie Hahn 

Ferns with Conservation Easement Sign