The outdoors has always been an important part of Eleanor Wolf’s life. Growing up in southern Wisconsin, Eleanor would freely roam her family’s 40 acres of woods and looked forward to tapping the maple trees each spring. Her proximity to nature from a young age led to a commitment throughout her life to conservation and protecting beautiful places in nature. 

As a conservationist for decades in the Eau Claire community, Eleanor Wolf first got involved with Landmark Conservancy in 2014 to protect parts of the historic Tyrone tract along the Lower Chippewa River in Dunn County. There were several proposed developments in this expansive area over the years, including a nuclear power plant in the 1970s.  After a successful long-sought purchase of 990 acres by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in 2017, Landmark spent the next five years working closely with Xcel Energy, DNR and other partners on a targeted 364-acre acquisition referred to as Meridean Barrens. “A tremendous piece of land that’s so significant for our community, for the birds and wildlife [was protected] so Landmark is very important to me,” Eleanor shared.  

Meridean Barrens Riverbend

Meridean Barrens riverbend in Dunn County

Eleanor Wolf looking out at Elk Creek Bottoms

Eleanor Wolf at Elk Creek Bottoms Preserve in Dunn County

Eleanor was inspired to see Landmark’s work in action and started thinking about how she wanted to leave her legacy in conservation. “I wanted to leave money to a local group. There are all kinds of environmental groups nationwide, but I wanted to know my money was going to be saved for those very important parcels of land right here in the area.” Eleanor continued, “I wanted to give money to Landmark because I know the land that they manage is going to be there for all generations to come and it’s just much more important now than ever because of the climate change.” 

Eleanor enjoys frequenting many of Landmark’s properties with public access including the recently protected Elk Creek Bottoms Preserve. Reflecting on her experiences at the property Eleanor commented, You know standing up there on the ridge and looking over the river is gorgeous.” She continues, “It’s nature, it’s wild, and it’s wonderful, so we got to keep those natural areas.”  

Thoughtfully planned, impactful conservation takes a long time as evidenced by our work over the years in the Lower Chip,” said Landmark Conservancy’s Executive Director Rick Remington…. That takes relationships, resources and partners at all levelsI am so thankful for what Eleanor has brought to our cause by way of her enthusiasm and her determination, and now by including us in her estate plans.” 

If you’d like to leave a lasting legacy in conservation like Eleanor, learn more about our Landmark Legacy Circle here. Join by June 30 to participate in the Legacy Challenge, and special matching funds will celebrate new commitments with a $1,000 contribution in your honor! 

Watch this short video of Eleanor Wolf speaking to the importance of conservation in northwest Wisconsin.