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Landmark Conservancy is pleased to announce receipt of a $100,000 grant from the Mary H. Rice Foundation. Funds are for restoration of the Brownstone Trail, in honor and celebration of the life of Mary H. Rice. This gift brings Landmark just over halfway to their campaign goal of $1.2 million.

Daughters Molly Rice and Katherine Hayes shared a statement that, “As part of the final round of gifts from the Mary H. Rice Foundation, we are proud to honor Mary’s legacy and her love for the Brownstone Trail with this memorial gift.”

Brownstone Trail in Autumn

Brownstone Trail in autumn.

Landmark Conservancy signed an agreement earlier this year to purchase adjacent, upslope property to stabilize and restore the Brownstone Trail, improve visitor experience, and protect Lake Superior. Overall costs for the initial phase of the project are estimated at 1.2 million, of which $624,093 has been raised to date. Additionally, $200,000 in matching funds remains through the generosity of Kim and Quito Rymer.

The multi-year restoration effort requires significant resources, partner collaboration, and community support. Phase I of the project is focused primarily on the purchase of property where Dan and Mark Maki of Washburn currently operate school bus transport and logging companies. Funds are also supporting environmental studies and restoration design and permitting. “We are excited to be within reach of our goal. We are still looking for donations from folks in the community by the end of the year to secure the future of the Brownstone Trail which so many people use and love,” said Erika Lang, Landmark’s Conservation Manager.

Landmark is a non-profit conservation organization serving 20 counties in western and northwestern Wisconsin. Landmark’s mission is to conserve Wisconsin’s natural legacy for everyone…forever. Their vision looks to the future of Wisconsin, where they see a landscape with wild and scenic places conserved and accessible to people for generations to come. Landmark Conservancy seeks to serve as a respected land trust building a community of stewardship for special places in their perpetual care.

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